Name Institutional Affiliation Title of Research Project Email Dates on Campus
Albert, Samuel David Fashion Institute of Technology Austro-Hungarian, Austrian, and Hungarian Art Exhibitions Abroad, 1890-1940. July 22 - August 2
Allgire, Nikita University of Southern California The Anatomy of the Drives: An Intellectual History of Psychoanalysis in Russia and the Soviet Union, 1905-1930  
Averbach, Ruth Standford University The (Un)making of a Man: Aleksandr Aleksandrov, Russian Nationalism, and Transsexual Empire June 16 - June 28
Badashvili, Medea Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University The transformation from soviet to pst-soviet: citizenship and national identity in independent Georgia  
Badillo Castro, Zayra M Center for Advanced Studies of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Undermining the Soviet State: Social Mobilization in Central Asia’s Neighborhoods during the Late Soviet Period June 12 - June 22
Barris, Roann University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Expressing the 'Profound Essence of a Piece of Work'  
Bartig, Kevin Michigan State University Soviet Music under Western Eyes June 10 - June 14
Bishop, Elizabeth Anona Texas State University Supply Studies Research: Aswan High Dam  
Blasing, Molly T University of Kentucky Text-Image Narratives in the Uncensored Almanac Tarusskie stranitsy (1961) July 28 - August 3
Blauvelt, Timothy K Ilia State University / American Councils for International Education NKVD Investigators as Subjects during the Great Terror in the Stalinist Periphery  
Bojko, Martha J Independent Scholar Exploring the transgenerational impact of war and displacement on the health and identity of descendants of World War II Ukrainian Displaced Persons (DPs) July 7 - July 19
Chedia, Beka East European University (Tbilisi, Georgia) Three Parallel Processes: State-building, Transition and  Westernization in the Post-Communist Space  
Cochran, Tabitha M University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Ukrainians to Their Very Soul: Cultivating a Transnational Ukrainian Identity through Marriage, Reproduction, and Childrearing, 1920-1960  
Crozier, McKinsey University of Chicago Cultural Enforcement: Policing, Memory Production and Russia's Jews, 1830s-1914 July 27 - August 2
Das, Soham Tillotoma Foundation Security Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan: Soviet Legacies, Threats & Reforms  
DeDominicis, Benedict Edward The Catholic University of Korea, International Studies Department The Rules-Based International Order vs. Irredentism: Bulgaria and Russia in Comparative Perspective  
Demirchyan, Marina Texas Tech University You Are Not an Orphan: The Role of Central Asian Women in the Rescue of Displaced Women and Children in Soviet Central Asia During World War II July 21 - August 2
Dixon, Megan The College of Idaho Decolonizing 'Russia' with Alexei Ivanov July 22 - July 31
Dwyer, Anne Elizabeth Pomona College Viktor Shklovsky After Formalism & Viktor Shklovsky in Ukraine June 10 - June 20
Ebrahimi Lialestani, Nahid University of Szeged Notes and additions to the Persian examples of the etymological dictionary by Max Vasmer  
Forrester, Sibelan ES Swarthmore College Translating the Poetry and Prose of Elena Mikhailik June 10  - June 18
Friesen, Aileen University of Winnipeg Beyond a Gendered Red Gate: Mennonites and Emigration from Soviet Ukraine June 10 - June 15
Fujinami-Tatsumi, Yukiko Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Translations in the Russian Empire: A study of the structure of information flows across national boundaries in the nineteenth century July 14 - July 19
Giurcanu, Magda Mihaela University of Florida Council of Europe and Russia - A Tense Relationship June 24 - July 5
Gorshkov, Boris Kennesaw State University Labor Protection Laws in the USSR in Historical Perspective  
Griffin, Clare Indiana University Bloomington War Wounds: Soldiers’ Bodies Between Firearm Technologies and Military Medicine in the Early Modern World June 10 - June 22
Grunewald, Susan Louisiana State University A History of the Soviet Automotive Industry  
Guerin, Nathan Independent Scholar The Europeanization of Aviation Policy in Greece and Bulgaria from 2010-2020 July 7 - July 11
Gundarina, Polina University of Leipzig A Culture Without a House: Leisure and Resilience in Soviet Houses of Culture Before and After 1991  
Hook, Kristina Kennesaw State University Ukrainian Holodomor-Genocide Narratives as Wartime Resistance and Reclamation (2014-2024)  
Hornsby, Robert University of Leeds Making Youth Soviet: the Komsomol after Stalin  
Irvine, Emily Paris University of Maryland College Park Transnational anti-nuclear and environmental movements during the late Cold War  
Ivliyeva, Irina V Missouri University of Science and Technology The macro- and microstructures of experimental terminological dictionary and its role in solving problems in Russian word-forming synthesis June 10 - June 14
Kapinos, Andrew John University of Kansas Cold War Gymnastics: Gender, Youth and Empire in the Eastern Bloc July 8 - July 25
Kaplan, Isabelle Howard University The Art of Nation-Building: The Politics of National Culture in Soviet Azerbaijan. “Exploring the Dimension of Russia and Otherness"  
Kiryukhin, Denys Lund University The Idea of Sovereignty: History of Russian Interpretation  
Kitzinger, Chloe Rutgers University Dostoevsky's Afterlives: Visions in Translation June 16 - June 20
Knickmeier Cummings, Kelly Howard University George Murphy, Jr.: Cultural Ambassador to the Soviet Union June 18 - June 22
Kocialkowska, Kamila Metropolitan Museum of Art The Black Square and the Blue Pencil: Censorship and the Stimulation of Modernist Style June 12 - June 23
Kravchuk, Olexandr University of Bristol Russian imperial officialdom in the colonization of South Ukraine and Crimea in the late eighteenth and first half of the nineteenth centuries July 7 - July 20
Lahana, Martha Luby Independent Scholar A. S. Matveev, 1625-1682 June 9 - June 23
Leger, Chris The Ohio State University Reiterating Socialist Values in the Khrushchev Era  
Mari, Emilio Sapienza - University of Rome Spatial and Cultural Disparities: Two Issues in 20th Century Russian Literary Historiography July 17 - July 27
Meunier, Jared H University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Displaced Ukrainian Life in Poland June 10 - June 15, July 8 - July 20
Morard III, Donald James McGill University The Failure to Scale: Estonian Experiments in Agricultural Reform during Late Socialism July 11 - July 18
Nading, Maryna Bazylevych Luther College, IA Camouflage Nets Weaving in the Wartime Ukraine. Sites of Care and Reproductive Substance.  
Nafziger, Steven Williams College The Black Repartition: Serfdom, Reform, and Economic Development in the Russian Empire, 1850 - 1914 June 22 - July 5
Nayimov, Otabek University of World Economy and Diplomacy How China is strengthening soft power capabilities in Central Asia to alter its negative perception and gain greater influence in the region  
Nedelcheva, Dafina Stony Brook University Europe’s Post-Soviet (Memory) Spaces  
Nethercott, Frances Mary University of St Andrews Thomas Carlyle and the Russians: Intercultural Dialogue in the Age of Empire and Revolutions  
Osvaldi, Enrico Georgetown University "Fight the Reds with the White Wedge!" The Afterlives of White Russia  
Paige, Victoria Ohio State University Mother, Maiden, Martyr: Media Representations of Soviet Military Women in the Stalinist Period June 16 - June 29
Pastore, Raffaella International University of Rome The Sentimental Social Novel: b July 17  - July 27
Petrova, Olga Central European University Crossing the Great Chasm? Ukrainian and Jewish National Ideas in the Ukrainian Revolution, 1917-1920  
Przygrodzki, Robert L Western Governors University Publishing the Empire: The Russian Press as a Tool of Empire in Russian Poland, 1864-1915 July 8 - July 11
Rasmussen, Steele M Texas Tech University First Among Equals: Examining the Relationship Between the Russian Nation and the Soviet State, 1929-1945 June 10 - June 21
Richardson, Curtis Lee CSEEES, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The Crimean Affair and the Destruction of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee  
Rosswurm, Jack David Institute for European Studies Bridging Borders: Enhancing Global Language Conservation through Government-University Partnerships  
Sachenko, Vira University of Potsdam Anchored in East Europe: Post-Soviet cartographies of power in Ukrainian feminist journals  
Savelieva, Alla University of Colorado Boulder Diverse Russia: Diversity and Representation in U.S. collegial Russian textbooks June 10 - June 15
Serban, Mihaela Ramapo College of New Jersey Law and Society in Romania: Semi-peripheral Modernity in Comparative Perspective July 8 - July 19
Shtepenko, Oleksandra Nicolaus Copernicus University Gender model of Ukrainian intellectual protest: implicit stories of creativity June 9 - June 18
Slavutskiy, Ilya Rutgers University-New Brunswick Road Not Taken: The Ukrainian Socialist Revolutionaries and the Socialist Constellation in Ukraine, 1917-1921 July 15 - July 27
Smith-Peter, Susan Joan College of Staten Island/ City University of New York Russia Without Empire: A Hidden History July 9 - July 19
Soderstrom, Mark Aurora University Enlightening the Land of Midnight: Peter Slovtsov, Ivan Kalashnikov, and the Saga of Russian Empire July 14 - July 19
Steinwedel, Charles R Northeastern Illinois University Sugar, Wealth, and Power in Russia and the World, 1861-1991 June 25 - July 1
Stout, Madeleine Eloise  Florida State University Red, Black, and Female: African American Women's Experiences in the USSR 1920s-1930s. June 10 - June 22
Stukey, Meredith Tuttle Purdue University The Romanovs on a World Stage: Autocracy, Democracy, and Crisis, 1896-1918 June 23 - June 28
Tasch, Jeremy Towson University Steeling Modernity and Blackened Gold: A Century of Change on Mukhtarov Street June 12 - June 18
Tromly, Benjamin University of Puget Sound The Vlasov Army: The Specter of Wartime Betrayal in Russia  
Vulevic, Una University of Toronto Understanding propaganda and state surveillance in Russia through Anatoly Rybakov’s literature  
Williams, Galia Ohio University The Jeannette Expedition: Lessons for the Future of the Arctic and Its Peoples July 16 - July 27
Yu-Hsuan, Hsu National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Cinema as a Tool of Building Soviet Ukrainian Culture: The Case of VUFKU (1922-1930) July 23 - August 2 
Zhou, Luyang Zhejiang University The Socialist Roots of the World System of Nation-States: Comparing the Soviet, Yugoslavian, Chinese, and Cuba Approaches