Russian and East European languages are offered on campus through the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature, including Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech, Old Church Slavonic, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian. Turkish is available through the Department of Linguistics.

Other regional languages are available in an online synchronous or hybrid format through the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) CourseShare program, such as Armenian (Eastern, Western, Grabar), Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Kazakh, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Persian, Uyghur, Uzbek, and Yiddish. Other regional languages can sometimes be studied at low tuition cost through online programs, such as Georgian. For more languages in summer intensive programs, please visit our student resources page. For questions about enrolling in courses through the BTAA or about summer intensive programs, email Maureen Marshall ( or

REEES majors must complete two courses of advanced conversation and/or composition in Russian or another language of Eastern Europe or Eurasia beyond the level specified by the LAS requirement, or equivalent proficiency. MA students must have at least three years of a foreign language.




ASST Asian Studies
445 Tutorials in E Asian Languages
BULG Bulgarian
381 Modern Bulgarian I
382 Modern Bulgarian II
481 Structure of Modern Bulgarian
482 Readings in Bulgarian Lit
BCS Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian
101 First Year Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian I
102 First Year Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian II
201 Second Year Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian I
202 Second Year Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian II
301 Third Year Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian I
302 Third Year Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian II
CZCH Czech
101 Elementary Czech I
102 Elementary Czech II
201 Second-Year Czech I
202 Second-Year Czech II
483 The Structure of Modern Czech
484 Readings in Czech
GRK Greek
251 Elementary Modern Greek I
252 Elementary Modern Greek II
GRKM Modern Greek
201 Elementary Modern Greek I
202 Elementary Modern Greek II
LING Linguistics
404 Tutorials in Non-Western Lang
480 Intro to Slavic Linguistics
POL Polish
101 Elementary Polish I
102 Elementary Polish II
201 Second Year Polish I
202 Second Year Polish II
301 Third-Year Polish I
302 Third-Year Polish II
401 Fourth-Year Polish I
402 Fourth-Year Polish II
RUSS Russian
101 First-Year Russian I
102 First-Year Russian II
191 Freshman Honors Tutorial
201 Second-Year Russian I
202 Second-Year Russian II
290 Readings in Russian
301 Third Year Russian I
302 Third Year Russian II
305 Business Russian
333 Russian for Heritage Learners
401 Fourth Year Russian I
402 Fourth Year Russian II
407 Structure of Russian
408 Russian Phonetics & Pronunciation
474 Russian Literary Translation
501 Russian for Grad Students I
501 Advanced Russian Language I
502 Advanced Russian Language II
506 Russian Morphology
517 11th–17th Century Russian Lit and Language
SLAV Slavic
480 Intro to Slavic Linguistics
TURK Turkish
201 Elementary Turkish I
202 Elementary Turkish II
403 Intermediate Turkish I
404 Intermediate Turkish II
405 Advanced Turkish I
406 Advanced Turkish II
490 Special Topics in Turkish
UKR Ukrainian
101 Basic Ukrainian I
102 Basic Ukrainian II
201 Second-Year Ukrainian I
202 Second-Year Ukrainian II
YDSH Yiddish
101 Beginning Yiddish I
102 Beginning Yiddish II
103 Intermediate Yiddish I
104 Intermediate Yiddish II