The Summer Research Laboratory on Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia (SRL) opens on June 10 and continues through August 2. During this time, researchers visit Urbana-Champaign, enjoy convenient housing on the Illinois campus, and use the unparalleled research collections and databases offered by our University Library. A list of SRL programs can be found at https://reeec.illinois.edu/programming-and-events/summer-research-laboratory/lab-programs/. A list of 2019 SRL Associates can be found at https://reeec.illinois.edu/programming-and-events/summer-research-laboratory/associates-list/

New Curriculum and Resources

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REEEC 2019 Spring Reception
REEEC 2019 Spring Reception
REEEC 2019 Spring Reception
REEEC 2019 Spring Reception. Carol Leff presenting the winner of the Yaro Skalnik Prize, Sydney Lazarus
REEEC 2019 Spring Reception
Brooklyn-Babylon 2.23.2019
Julia Alekseyeva presenting her book at Youth Literature Festival
Youth Literature Festival
OzdinART: A New Form of EBRU (Turkish Art of Marbling)
OzdinART: A New Form of EBRU (Turkish Art of Marbling)
Slavic Story Time at the Urbana Free Library
Slavic Story Time
Slavic Story Time
Thornton Miller. Noontime Scholars Lecture “Agency and Access: The Soviet Performance of British Contemporary Music during the Early Cold War”
Gabrielle Cornish. Noontime Scholars Lecture “Sounds Like Lenin: Noise and the Problems of Socialist Modernity”
Rosina Neginsky. Noontime Scholars Lecture Philosophy of Birth of Images in Mikhail Vrubel’s Works”
Matthew Klopfenstein. Noontime Scholars Lecture “Public Life through Public Death: Civic Activism, Media Spectacle, and Contested Spaces in the Funeral of Vera Komissarzhevskaia”
Stefan Paychev. Noontime Scholars Lecture “The Nature of the Ottoman City: Water, Space, and Place in Sofia, 1380s-1910s”
Alexander Markovic. Noontime Scholars Lecture “Performing Power: Romani Music and Affective Labor in Postsocialist Vranje, Serbia”
Robert Orttung. New Directions Lecture Lecture “Promoting Sustainability in Russia’s Arctic Circles”
Anna Ohanyan. New Directions Lecture “Lenin’s Revenge: Regional Fracture and Security (Dis)Order in Post-Communist Eurasia”
Lyudmila Parts. New Directions Lecture “‘Geography of the Russian Soul’: The Provinces and Post-Soviet Nationalism”
Jessie Labov. Joint Area Centers Lecture “The Politicization of Discipline in Central and Southeastern Europe: Humanities under Siege”