Workshop Program

SRL Frozen Conflicts Workshop, June 16-18, 2021

Agenda [All times listed are Central Daylight Time]

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

*Restricted to Workshop Participants and Think Tank Program Participants*

1:00pm-2:00pm          Welcome and Introduction to the Workshop

                                    Introductory Remarks from Ralph Clem, Cynthia Buckley, and Erik Herron

                                    Brief Introductions by Participants   


2:00pm-3:00pm          Framework and Discussion of "Frozen Conflicts" – Ralph Clem


3:00pm-4:00pm          Bibliographic Session with the Slavic Reference Service – Joseph Lenkart


4:00pm                        End of Day 1


Thursday, June 17, 2021

*Attendees can start arriving in the Zoom meeting room at 1:00 PM CDT; the keynote address may begin shortly before 1:15 PM CDT*

1:00pm-1:15pm          Introduction to Day 2 – Erik Herron


1:15pm-2:15pm          Keynote Speakers: John O'Loughlin (University of Colorado, Boulder) and Gerard Toal (Virginia Tech University) (please register for this session here)


2:15pm-3:15pm          Discussion of Frozen Conflicts with Participants and Keynote Speakers


3:15pm                        End of Day 2 for SRL Participants


3:15pm-4:15pm          Session for Think Tank Participants – Erik Herron            


4:15pm                        End of Day 2 for Think Tank Participants


Friday, June 18, 2021

*Restricted to Workshop Participants*

11:00am-11:15am      Introduction to Day 3 – Cynthia Buckley


11:15am-12:45pm      Research Presentations – Session 1: Agents and Actors


11:15am-11:30am       Richard Arnold, "Vigilantes to Stormtroopers: The Evolving Role of the Cossacks in Russia's Frozen Conflicts?"


11:30am-11:45am      Zabikhulla Saipov, "Enclaves and Exclaves in Central Asia and Russia's Imminent Role on Hypothetical Conflicts in the Region"


11:45am-12:05pm      Timothy Blauvelt, "Clientelism and Nationality in an Early Soviet Fiefdom"


12:05pm-12:20pm      Discussants

                                    Andriy Posunko, "Vigilantes to Stormtroopers"

                                    Zulifiyya Abdurahimova, "Enclaves and Exclaves"

                                    Krista Goff, "Clientelism and nationality in an Early Soviet Fiefdom"


12:20pm-12:45pm      Short wrap-up discussion/questions


12:45pm-1:15pm        Break


1:15pm-3:00pm          Research Presentations – Session 2: Internationalization, Macro Approaches, and Measurement


1:15pm-1:30pm          Paulina Szelag, "Women on Board: Changes in the Post-Conflict Political Scene of the Republic of Kosovo"


1:30pm-1:45pm          Benedict DeDominicis, "European State-Building: National Self-Determination vs. Political Economic Stabilization in the European Union's Common Security and Defense Policy


1:45pm-2:00pm          Elizabeth Bishop, "Frozen Conflicts on the Nile: Youssef Chahine's 'Nile Films' in Thaw-Era Distribution"


2:00pm-2:15pm          Zulifiyya Abdurahimova, "Perceptions of Human Rights and Civic Activism in Azerbaijan"


2:15pm-2:35pm          Discussants

                                    Elizabeth Bishop, "Women on Board"

                                    Stefan Cibian, "European State Building"       

                                    Richard Arnold, "Frozen Conflicts on the Nile"

                                    Timothy Blauvelt, "Perceptions of Human Rights"


2:35pm-3:00pm          Short wrap-up discussion/questions


3:00pm-3:15pm          Break


3:15pm-4:15pm          Workshop Wrap-Up

                                                Future conference panels?

                                                Fellowships and grant writing group

                                                Other "next steps"