2021 Associates List

Name Institutional Affiliation Title of Research Project
Abdurahimova, Zulfiyya Harvard University Good Guys and Bad Guys? Democracy Promotion Policy by the US and the EU in Azerbaijan
Alexander-Rose, Anoushka University of Southampton Vladimir Nabokov and the Jewish Question
Allen, Barbara La Salle University Lenin and the Bolsheviks in 1917
Allison, Russell Auburn University The Clash of Scientific and Official Minds and the Making of the Chernobyl Meltdown
Alvis, Robert Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology Divine Mercy: A History of a Modern Catholic Devotion
Armstrong, Todd Grinnell College An Appetite for Peace: towards a Culinary Dostoevsky
Arnold, Richard Muskingum University Cossack organizations in post-Soviet Russia and Ukraine: Whose Cossacks Are They Anyway?
Aydarova, Elena Auburn University Political Theater of Teacher Education Reforms: A Comparative Analysis of Transformations in the Russian Federation and the United States
Barris, Roann Radford University From Reclamation to Redefinition: American Exhibitions of Russian Art
Bauch, Martin Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO) Medieval Climate in the Rus’ from written sources (10th-15th century)
Beilinson, Orel Yale University Tomorrow Belongs to Me: Coming-of-Age in the Other Europe, 1890-1968
Benedict, DeDominicis Catholic University of Korea The Europeanization of Bulgarian Nationalism: The Impact Of Bulgaria’s European Union Accession on Bulgarian-Macedonian Relations
Berlein, Darren University of Cape Town Surfacing diversity and identity within Armenia, during and after the dissolution of the Soviet Union
Birch, Alexandra University of California Santa Barbara Soundscapes of the Gulag – An Interdisciplinary approach to Solovki
Bishop, Elizabeth Texas State University Frozen Conflicts in Eurasia: Origin, Status and Outlook
Blauvert, Timothy Ilia State University/American Councils for International Education Ongoing Research Projects in Soviet History
Bohlinger, Vincent Rhode Island College Toward a Second Utopia: Soviet Film Style Between Montage and Socialist Realism, 1928-1936
Borgmeyer, David Saint Louis University Imagining War: Modernist Art and Conflict in Russia
Borrero, Mauricio St. John's University Sport and Collective Identities in Soviet and Post-Soviet Spaces
Bowers, Katherine University of British Columbia Imagining Arctic Futurities and Climate Change
Brooks, Nathan New Mexico State University Chemists and Chemistry in Russia and the Soviet Union
Bracken, Aleks Carleton University Russian Hip Hop and the post-Soviet Transition
Bruce, Stephen Columbia University Imaginary Travel in Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Russia
Bucur, Maria Indiana University, Bloomington When the Invalids Came Home:  Disability and Citizenship in Interwar Romania
Busch, Tracy Ferris State University Roads to Communism in Soviet Russia: Civil War to World War II
Çakır, Cansu Koç University Patriotism, Pacifism, and Feminism: The Experiences and Values of Russian Nurses in World War One
Caruso, Martina Max Planck Institute Anti-Americanism and Conspiracy Theories in Italian and French Painting and Illustration during the Korean War
Chakars, Melissa Saint Joseph's University Incarnations of Buddhism in Russia: A Eurasian History
Chevalier, Joan United States Naval Academy Language Attitudes in Kyiv, Ukraine
Chmielewska, Marta European University Institute Gender and Business in Poland before and after the Cold War: The Case of Families of Small Entrepreneurs
Chrissidis, Nikolaos Southern Connecticut State University Women Behaving Badly: Female Pilgrims from the Russian Empire in Jerusalem in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
Cibian, Stefan The Fagaras Research Institute A Region in Crisis: Civil Society and Security at the Black Sea
Corsi, Michael The Ohio State University “A Metropolis of Metal: Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk, and the Urbanization of Russia, 1892-1991."
Cristani, Federica Institute of International Relations (Prague) Designing a multi-actor governance system for investment protection in the Visegrád Four (V4) countries with(in) Europe
Cummings, Kelly Howard University Reassessing Russia at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Davis, John Hopkinsville Community College Tsarist Russia: a Little Ice Age Empire?
Davoliute, Violeta Vilnius University Patriotic Education in the Baltics and the USA
Dean, Laura Millikin University The Social Construction of Trafficking Victims in the Russian Media
del Cerro Santamaría, Gerardo U.S. Fulbright Program and London School of Economics Russia and the Belt and Road Initiative: Megaprojects and Development
Ewington, Amanda Davidson College Discourses of Women's Friendship in Eighteenth-Century Russian Literature
Feditchkina, Elena Tracy Indigenous Services Canada Sino-Russian Relations over Energy and Environment: Between Alignment and Discord
First, Joshua University of Mississippi Health and Soviet Citizenship under Brezhnev and Gorbachev
Flatley, Jonathan Wayne State University Black Leninism: How Revolutionary Counter-Moods Are Made
Ford, Meagan Yale University "Cotton Independence": Farming and Famine in the Aral Sea Basin, 1928-1933
Fumurescu, Ana University of Pittsburgh "National in Difference: Primary Schooling, Citizenship, and Belonging in Romanian-Administered Dobruja, 1878-1920" (dissertation); "Nurturing a ‘Great Social Organism’: School Hygiene, Subjecthood, and the State in Late Imperial Russia" (article)
Gasper-Hulvat, Marie Kent State University at Stark Estranged Bodies at Work and Play: Semiotic strategies of ethnographic diversity in early Soviet visual culture
Georgiev, Georgi Central European University Electromagnetic “enemies”: The military and political uses of radio jamming during the Cold War
Glont, Anca University of Dayton State Policy on Labor and the Exploitation of Minorities: Romanian and Hungarian Forced Labor Regimes During the Holocaust and Early Communism, 1940-1954
Goff, Krista University of Miami Deportees and settlers: remaking sites of deportation after World War Two
Hook, Kristina George Mason University "When the World Was Destroyed:" The Ukrainian Holodomor's Role in Losing--and Finding--a Nation
Hristova, Maria Lewis & Clark College In Search of Post-Secular Feminism: Contemporary Post-Soviet Literatures
Hutchison, Rachel The Ohio State University The Soviets Take the World Stage: The USSR’s 1952 Olympic Debut
Hutchinson, Erin University of Colorado Boulder Soviet Nationalism: The Cultural Politics of the Nation after Stalin
Huxtable, Simon Birkbeck College, University of London Fraternity Televised: Intervision and Socialist Internationalism
Jusupović, Adrian Institut of History Polish Academy of Sciences „Medieval Climate in the Rus’ from written sources (10th-15th century)” [in preparation] - Dr Martin Bauch (Leipzig) together with Prof. Dr. Adrian Jusupovic (Warsaw)
Kane, Eileen Connecticut College Fugitive Freedom: A Biography of M.A. Cherkasova
Kardum, Marijana University of Zagreb "The Rose of Croatia": A Woman Heading a Communist Hierarchy to Reform Communism
Kasongo, Mukile Mulimbi University of Birmingham Francophone African Women Novels Through the Prism of Soviet (Russian) Translation
Kassymbekova, Botakoz Liverpool John Moores University Ageing in the Soviet Union, 1945-1990
Kazbekova, Darzhan Social Science program, Maxwell School, Syracuse University Stakeholder dynamics in policy learning among government administrators: case of Kazakhstan
Korobeinikov, Aleksandr Central European University Russia’s Land of the Future: Empires, People, and Resources in Yakutia, 1915-1930
Kowalsky, Sharon Texas A&M University-Commerce Violence, Gender, Family, and Society in Revolutionary Russia, 1900-1936
Kraemer, Michael Ohio State University Reclaiming Sheet'ká: The History of Novo-Arkhangel'sk from 1799-1867
Kupreishvili, Liana Leibniz-Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung Prostitution in Georgia (1888-1917)
Lacey, Kim Washington University in St. Louis New World Order in Post-WWII East Asia Examined through the Movement of People and Goods
Lahana, Martha   A. S. Matveev, 1625-1682
Larson, Nicholas University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Global Health Diplomacy and the new Great Game: Insights from Central Asia
Luneau, Tyson University at Albany, SUNY Environmental Perceptions and Colonial Infrastructure Projects in the Russian and Soviet Empires
Mamadshoeva, Davlatbegim University of Amsterdam Developing our Cousins, Discovering Ourselves: Central Asians in Afghanistan, 1970- 2011
Matthews, Austin University of Denver Getting Ahead in the Party: Change and Continuity in the Communist Party's Selectorate
Matthews, Emily San Diego State University Selling It: Sex Work in Russian culture, art and daily life
Mesropova, Olga Iowa State University Surviving the Aftermath. Contagion Narratives in Russian Television Series
Miller, Thornton Bradley University Beyond Soft Power: Imaginaries, Agency, and Access in Anglo-Soviet Musical Exchange
Mincyte, Diana City University of New York Gender, Labor, and Land-Use in Lithuania: Rethinking the Politics of Food Sustainability on the Frontiers of Europe
Monahan, Erika University of New Mexico Of Maps & Men: Remezov, Witsen, and the Mapping of Eurasia
Nakhimovsky, Alexander Colgate University Life stories of Russian peasant women as oral history of war, occupation, the Holocaust, and post-war recovery
Nikolayenko, Olena Fordham University Invisible Revolutionaries: Women’s Participation in Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity
Nutting, Dani University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Exploring Artistry: Ontologies of Flute Performance and Pedagogy in Bulgaria
Otluoglu Dursun, Zeynep Binghamton University Turkic Muslim Emigrees: Soviet Nation Making in a pan-Eurasian Context
Papadopoulos, Chloe Yale University Recasting the Past: Russian Literature, Drama, and the Plastic Arts in the Era of Reform
Parker, Luke Colby College Surface Exile: Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Hollywood
Pate, Alice Kennesaw State University The Intelligentsia and the Russian Revolution 1917
Paulauskiene, Ausra LCC International University, Klaipeda, Lithuania Memory of Twentieth-century Totalitarianisms in Literature
Plach, Eva Wilfried Laurier University The Seagoing Cowboys Sail for Poland:  People, Animals & Place, 1945-47
Polyakova, Tamara University of Wisconsin-Madison/University of Eastern Finland Everyday Life on the Soviet-Finnish Border, 1918-1922
Posunko, Andriy Iavornyts'kyi Dnipropetrovsk National Historical Museum The Transformation of New Russia:
From Frontier to Province to Myth
Raykhlina, Yelizaveta New York University Imperial Russia's Reading Economy: Periodicals, Readership, and Social Identity in the Age of Pushkin and Dostoevsky
Roberts, Flora Cardiff University A Sea for the Valley: an environmental history of the Syr Darya river in the Ferghana Valley
Roberts, Tom Smith College Realist Transcendence: Dostoevsky, Leskov, and the Sites of Russian Religious Experience
Romaniello, Matthew Weber State University Humoring Russia: Body Politics in Eighteenth-Century Russia
Rudkovskaya, Margarita Plekhanov Russian University of Economics/Center of Modern and Contemporary  Mediterranean Work in exile: the socio-professional integration of Russian emigrant women
in the context of family history (1920s-1930s)
Rupp, Susan Wake Forest University Death and Dying in Imperial Russia
Sahadeo, Jeff Carleton University White Water or White Coal?: Rivers and Society in Tsarist and Soviet Georgia
Saipov, Zabikhulla University of World Economy and Diplomacy Central Asia in U.S. Diplomacy and Geostrategy (1991-2021)
Sedziaka, Alesia Stetson University Civic Protest against Unfair Elections and State-Sponsored Violence in Belarus
Seitz, John Tennessee Wesleyan University Learning the Steppes: Climate, Adaptation, and Agriculture on the Kazakh Steppe in the Late Russian Empire
Semivolos, Antonina Indiana University Bloomington Individuals’ Privacy Perceptions Through the Lens of Legal Anthropology and Qualitative Interviewing: a Comparative Study of Russian and American Individuals
Shatilova, Anna Wesleyan University Sounding Strings à la Russe: Domra and Balalaika Music in the United States
Shlyakhter, Andrey Wilson Center Smuggling Across the Soviet Borders: Contraband Trades, Soviet Solutions, and the Shadow Economic Origins of the Iron Curtain, 1917-1932
Shulzhenko, Ekaterina Belarusian State University Social networks' impact on national identity and the formation of civil society during the protests in Belarus in 2020-2021
Silano, Francesca Houghton College The Battle for Russia’s Souls: Patriarch Tikhon, the Russian Orthodox Church and the Soviet State (1865-1925
Smialek, William Jarvis Christian College (Retired) Modernization and Nationalism in Early Nineteenth-Century East and Central Europe:
The Impact on Music and Culture
Modernization and Nationalism in Early Nineteenth-Century East and Central Europe: The Impact on Music and Culture
Spector, Regine UMass Amherst Political Lives of Dying Seas
Squire, Emma University of Pittsburgh “It’s a Yiddish Theatre, You Know?”: The Jewish Amateur Art Collectives of Soviet and Post-Soviet Lithuania, 1956-1995
Stevens, Carol Colgate University Anna Dorothea: women and the law in early modern Russia
Stukey, Meredith Purdue University The Romanovs on a World Stage: Autocracy, Democracy, and Crisis, 1896-1918
Sweet, Julia New York University Online political culture in Russia: a comparative analysis of government and oppositional political entities
Szelag, Paulina Institute of Safety Sciences at the Pedagogical University in Cracow, Poland The Foreign Policy of States with Limited Recognition: A Case Study of the Republic of Kosovo
Tromly, Benjamin University of Puget Sound Wartime Collaboration and its Aftermath: The Vlasov Army in History and Memory
Webley, John Yale University Envious Empires: The Great Game and India in Russian Culture
Woodcock, Mark University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Singing Dual Belief: Spirituality and Syncretism in Estonian Choral Music
Zubovich, Katherine University at Buffalo, SUNY Picture Esperanto: Soviet Artists, Global Icons, and the USSR’s Mobilization of Pictorial Statistics