Spring 2023 Associates

Name Institutional Affiliation Title of Research Project
Bishop, Elizabeth Texas State University Soviet Modernism and Its Legacy: Spartak Kndeghtsyan and Telman Gevorgyan's "Moscow Cinema" Hall (1966)
Budryte, Dovile Georgia Gwinnett College “Critical Situations” and Mnemonic Legislation: Memory Politics in the Baltic States and the War in Ukraine
Corrado, Sharyl Pepperdine University "Schwarzarbeiter in the Kingdom of God": Jenny de Mayer in Jeddah, 1912-1914
Craver, Alex Northern Illinois University The Soviet Roots of Empire and Industry
Diffenderfer, Carrie Johns Hopkins University In Sickness and In Health: Analyzing Alliance Formation During 100 Years of China-Russia Relations
Eaton, Nicole Boston College Bodies of Knowledge: Forced Encampment, Disease, and the Human Experience in the Twentieth Century
Harrison, Lonny The University of Texas at Arlington Personas of Revolutionary Terror in Russian Fiction and Memoirs
Kalb, Lois European University Institute Uncommonly Modern: Mass Housing, Moral Economy and Urban Social Change in the Late and Post-Soviet Period
Kennedy, John European University Institute Between Imitation and 'Revolution': Uneven and Combined Development in Eurasia in the Age of the Automobile
Kocialkowska, Kamila Harvard University The Black Square and the Blue Pencil: Modernist Mimicry of Censorial Style in Avant-Garde Books
Lipton, Miriam Oregon State University Bacteriophages and Antibiotics: The History of Cold War Politics of ORL Antibiotic Resistance
Lugo de Fabritz, B. Amarilis Howard University Separated at Birth? The Strange Case of Kalatozov's I am Cuba and Gutierrez Alea's The Twelve Chairs
Mincyte, Diana City University of New York Cultivating Food Sovereignty on the Frontiers of Europe: The War in Ukraine and Agro-Food Networks in the Baltic States
Prushankin, Keith Freie Universitat Berlin How to Break a State: How Populists Challenge the Liberal Order in Post-Communist Central Europe
Rebitschek, Immo University of Jena The Hungry Empire - Famine Relief in Late Imperial Russia (1891-1914)
Shaw, Claire University of Warwick Socialist Bodies: Dreams and Realities of the Physical in Soviet Russia
Warren, Jared Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Religion and Revolution at the End of the Polish World