Spring 2022 Associates

Name Institutional Affiliation Title of Research Project
Abbe, Spencer University of Oregon "The Dangers Which Plague This Country": Disaster Regimes of the North Pacific
Adams, Amy The College of the Holy Cross Songs of Silence: Exploring the Sacred in Siberia's Narrative Traditions
Adleiba, Emil Kazan Federal University Territorial and Ethnic Autonomies in Eurasia (Abkhazia, Georgia, and Russia)
Agisheva, Dilyara Independent Scholar Entangled Legal Formations and Islamic Law in Crimea
Akishev, Timur University of Mississippi Developing a Quantitative Corpus-based Approach to Anglicisms in Kazakh
Allison, Russell Auburn University  The Clash of Scientific and Official Minds and the Making of the Chernobyl Meltdown
Arnold, Richard Muskingum University Cossack Organizations in Post-Soviet Russia and Ukraine: Whose Cossacks Are They Anyway?
Auganbayeva, Albina Università degli studi di Tuscia Intersection and Investigation of Illegal Entrepreneurship in the Field of Human Trafficking
Bakhshaliyeva, Rigina Independent Scholar The foot-in-the-door technique (social influence technique) in the context of citizen participation: case of Azerbaijan
Barris, Roann Radford University Reclaiming and Redefining American Exhibitions of Russian Art
Baumann, Fabian University of Chicago From National Indifference to Indifferent Nationalism? The Case of Late Soviet Ukraine
Biriukov, Dmitry The National Research University Higher School of Economics The Reality of the Unmanifested: Humboldtianism and Palamism in Russian Modernist Literature and Philosophy of Language of the Beginning of the 20th Century
Blasing, Molly University of Kentucky Pages from Tarusa: Creativity on the Margins
Brown, Rikki University of California, Santa Cruz Autonomous Political Economies: winemakers, tourism, and the ethnographic mapping of geopolitics in the Republic of Georgia
Bryson, Jamie University of Exeter The Russian Empire and Internal Security in the First World War
Chabanyuk, Oksana Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering Foreign Technologies in the Soviet Union during Early Industrialization (1928-1938): American Companies, Projects, Engineers
Clay, Catherine Shippensburg University Bees and Beekeeping in Early Modern Russia
Clay, John Arizona State University Transformations in the Russian Spiritual Economy, 1990-2022
Colacel, Onoriu Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava Storytelling Acts: Romanian-Language Conspiracism and Populism
Corney, Frederick William & Mary ‘The Beautiful Far-Away.’ The Return of the Émigré
Craver, Alex Northern Illinois University The Roots of Empire and Industry: The Soviet Rubber Project and the Global History of Rubber
Crumley, Michele East Tennessee State University The Securitization of Memory in Russia: NGOs, Human Rights, and the State
DeDominicis, Benedict Catholic University of Korea European Integration, Gramscian Hegemony and Public Goods: The Challenging Dialectical Social Identity Dynamics of the Construction of a Supranational European Self-Identity Community
Dorofeeva, Kristina University of Trento A comparative analysis of students' attitudes toward military service in Russia and Italy
Driver, Samuel Brown University “Rethinking the ‘Lie’: Photography and Truth in the USSR”
Ellis, Joseph Wingate University 30 Years In: Estonian Independence Since the Fall of the Soviet Union
Eradze, Ia Ilia State University Commercial Banking through the Prism of State Building: unfolding the history of banking in Georgia
Feditchkina, Elena Federal Government of Canada Sino-Russian Relations Over Energy and Climate
Gasper-Hulvat, Marie Kent State University at Stark Constructing Myths of Malevich: Artistic Identity during Stalin’s Cultural Revolution
Gentes, Andrew Independent Scholar George Kennan, the Russian Nihilists, and the Siberian Exile System, 1862-1917
Gigantino, Bryan Independent Scholar The Georgian Question and Emigre Anti-Communism in the Cold War: The Life and Ideas of Ivane Nanuashvili
Gorska, Joanna Queen's University Separatism, Socialism, and Indigeneity: Anticolonial Struggle in Nineteenth Century Siberia
Griffin, Clare Nazarbayev University War Wounds: Soldiers’ Bodies Between Firearm Technologies and Military Medicine in the Early Modern World
Grusiecki, Tomasz Boise State University Transcultural Things and the Reinvention of Tradition in Early Modern Poland-Lithuania
Hofland, Olav European University Institute Catering for Communists: The Socialist Foodservice Industry and the Thaw in the Soviet Union, 1953—1964
Holekamp, Abby University of Chicago Bloody Virgins, Beautiful Avengers: The Russian Nihilists, Gender, and the European Imagination
Hristova Nikolaeva, Maria Lewis & Clark College Toward a Soviet Environmental Literature: 1960s-1970s
Hsu, Yu-Hsuan National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Making Ukrainian Hollywood: Reconstructing the History of VUFKU (1922-1930)
Jezowska, Kasia The University of New South Wales Sydney Socialist by Design: Statecraft, Industry, and the National Style in Cold War Poland
Kennedy, John European University Institute Soviet Workers and Capitalist Technology: The Use of Western Technology in the Development of the Soviet Auto-Industry (1966-1991)
Khvatsky, Gregory National Research University Higher School of Economics Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to the Measurement of Different Types of Social Institutions' Efficiency in Sociology: A Comparative Analysis
Luczaj, Kamil University of Information Technology and Management, Rzeszow, Poland Intellectual Migration from Eastern Europe to the U.S. and the U.K
Lugaric Vukas, Danijela Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb Literary Representations of (Hi-)Stories in Contemporary Russian Prose: from Svetlana Aleksievich to Maria Stepanova
Mincyte, Diana City University of New York The Aesthetics of Sustainability: Tasting Difference on the Frontiers of Europe
Mironko, Arkadiusz Indiana University East Economic Immigration from the East into Poland as the Opportunity for Social Outreach and Mission for the Polish Orthodox Church
Monday, Christopher Dongseo University, South Korea From Peasants to Soviets:The Global History of Socialist Competition
Mudrov, Sergei Polotsk State University (Belarus) The Political Crisis, Church and State: the Response from the Orthodox and Catholic Churches to the Civil Unrest in Belarus
Myers, Holly University of Delaware How Soviet Losses in Afghanistan Become Triumphs in Post-Soviet Russia
Nesbit, Angeline European University at St. Petersburg House Museums in Central Asia: Understanding National Identity in Turkic Speaking Countries Through the Homes of Literary Heroes
Pixley, Marcus New York University Russian Runway: The Formation and Influence of the Post-Soviet Fashion Aesthetic
Ploscariu, Iemima Dublin City University / Independent Scholar Alternative Evangelicals: Jewish, Roma, and Romanian Evangelicals Challenging Nationalism in Interwar Romania
Popescu-Sandu, Oana University of Southern Indiana New Cold War Nostalgia in Recent US Culture and the Transnational Postsocialist World
Popova, Polina University of Illinois at Chicago The Representation of Power in Soviet Children’s Literature in the 1920s and 1930s: Biographies of Party Leaders, Red Army Commanders, and Famous Historical Figures
Proskurova-Timofejeva, Olga University of Latvia The Russophone Scouts and Guides in Interwar Latvia: Practicing National Identity in the Diasporic Condition
Rastovic, Milos Duquesne University Europeanization of Russia Since the Berlin Wall Fell
Renner-Fahey, Ona University of Montana Rousing the Wood Sprite: Environmentalism in Modernist Russian Literature
Rosochinsky, Max Independent Scholar Art, Truth, and Propaganda in the Digital Age: Ukrainian Poetry During the Hybrid War
Royt, Alex University of Pennsylvania The Great Terror: A Market Analysis
Selzler, Kaitlyn University of Nebraska at Kearney Domination and Opposition
An Exploration of the Evolution of National Policy in Communist Russia and Poland: 1917-1953
Shlikhar, Tetyana University of Pittsburgh Parallel Realities in Contemporary Russian and Ukrainian Cinema
Shlyakher, Andrey YIVO Institute for Jewish Research Smuggling Across the Soviet Borders: Contraband Trades, Soviet Solutions, and the Shadow Economic Origins of the Iron Curtain, 1917-1932
Singh, Lee Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Ballet and Opera for Socialism's Sake: Culturedness in the Soviet Union and Beyond
Smolkin, Victoria Wesleyan University The World of Tomorrow: Communism, Cosmism, and the Fate of Utopia
Sokol, Anna National Research University Higher School of Economics Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Measuring the Impact of Social Movements on Environmental Policy Change
Sosenko, Alexander Northern Illinois University The Human Faces of Dissident-Socialism: The Fight for Human Rights in Soviet Ukraine
Stickney, Penelope Kankakee Community College Czech This Out!
Tasch, Jeremy Towson University 'Steeling' Modernity and Blackened Gold: Governmental Repossession and Residential Dispossession in Baku
Taylor, Maria University of Washington Urban Climatology and Environmental Amenities of the Interwar USSR
Totadze, Davit Human Rights Research Center Legal Approximation in Terms of Combating Corruption in Georgia
Turza, Anna War Studies University Railway and Postal Military Training: An Unknown Story of Social Military History
Vasileva, Elena University of Toronto Remembering Russian Modernism: Construction of Modernist Lieux de Mémoire in Autobiographical Discourse
Vladimirsky, Irena Achva Academic College The Meaning of Harbin as a Cosmopolitan City, a Center of Migration, Emigration and Temporary Residence (1898 – 1953)
Voskrensenskii, Fedor Independent Scholar The Judicial Branch in Political System of the Modern Russia
Yang, Ziqing University of Macau The Resilience of the Cold War Mentality: EU-Russia Relations in 2014-2021
Yefimenko, Svetlana University of Exeter Stalin's Heroes: Nation Building and Reception of the Greco-Roman Tradition in Soviet Culture
Zanca, Russell Northeastern Illinois University, University of Chicago Pastoralism Past and Present in Kazakhstan