Spring 2021 Associates

Name Institutional Affiliation Title of Research Project
Amramina, Anna University of Minnesota A Common Language of the Earth: Cold War U.S.-Soviet Collaboration in the Earth Sciences
Babovic, Jovana SUNY Geneseo Yugoslavs and Other Animals: A Social History of Human-Animal Relationships in Twentieth
Badillo Castro, Zayra School of Oriental and African Studies, (SOAS) University of London Building the Socialist Cities of Islam:  Cold War and Architecture in Soviet Asia
Bálint, Emese Independent Scholar Religious roots of entrepreneurship in the Volga region
Barris, Roann Radford University From Reclamation to Redefinition: American Exhibitions of Russian Art
Blackwell, Martin Stetson University Acceleration in Gorbachev's Soviet Union, 1985-1988
Blakesley, Rosalind University of Cambridge Russia, Empire and the Baltic Imagination
Bobina, Mariya Western Illinois University Culture's Effects on Organizational Leadership in Bulgaria
Bojko, Martha Independent Scholar Examining Global Health Ethics in Clinical and Social-Behavioral Research and Educational Policy in Ukraine
Brinegar, Sara Independent Scholar A Periphery Unbound: Power and the Politics of Oil in the Soviet South Caucasus
Budryte, Dovile Georgia Gwinnett College Women, War, and Memory: A Gender Perspective on the Partisan War (1944-53) and Its Remembrance in Lithuania
Carnaghan, Ellen Saint Louis University Sustaining Activism in Dark Times: Fear and Hope in Russia
Ciobanu, Monica State University of New York, Plattsburgh College Between Post-War Transitional Justice and Post-Communist Retrospective Justice in Romania: The Case of Mircea Vulcănescu
Clay, John Eugene Arizona State University Coronavirus Conspiracies and  Russian Orthodoxy
Craver, Alex Northern Illinois University The Soviet Roots of Empire and Industry: The Soviet Union and the Global Political Economy of Rubber
Cristani, Federica Institute of International Relations (Prague) Economic cyber-espionage in the Visegrád Four (V4) countries: a Hungarian perspective
Dadpay, Ali University of Dallas A History of Financial Transactions Between Russia and Iran
de Oliveira, Cassio Portland State University Mark Twain in Russia
DeDominicis, Benedict Catholic University of Korea The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and Bulgaria: Critiquing The New York Times 2019 Expose of CAP Corruption
Degirmenci, Avni Koc University The Rise, Popularity, and Dissemination of Turbofolk in Yugoslav Media
Dickinson, Sara Università di Genova (Italy) The Appearance and Disappearance of Women's Writing in Russia's Literary Past
Doucette, Courtney State University of New York at Oswego Perestroika: The Last Attempt to Create the New Soviet Person
Dumančić, Marko Western Kentucky University From Ordinary Men to War Criminals: Militarized Masculinity in the Former Yugoslavia
Eby, Marek New York University Vectors of Socialism: Malaria Control and Soviet Power in Central Asia and Beyond, 1920-1955
Feditchkina Tracy, Elena Indigenous Services Canada Sino-Russian Trade in Natural Resources under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
Fiaduta Prokharchyk, Kseniya Autonomous University of Barcelona The Voices of History: Literature, Ethics and History in Svetlana Alexievich’s Poetics
Fomina, Victoria University of Toronto The Rebel Frontier: Informality, Regionalism, and Anti-Kremlin Protest in the Russian Far East
Free, Anna University of California, Davis Memory of War and Terror in Postwar Leningrad (1945-1953)
Fuelling, Mathias Temple University The Historical Romance of Czechoslovak Communism: Political Practice and Historical Rhetoric, 1945-1948
Gabel, Harold Rutgers University Through a Curtain, Darkly: A Social History of Poland’s Cold War Boundary, 1953–83
Garey, Amy Moscow State Pedagogical University Vanguard: Soviet Games in a Post-Soviet Era
Gioielli, Elena Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena Gender and Terror during Hungary’s Long World War I, 1918–1925
Gleissner, Philip The Ohio State University Soviet Circulations: Print Periodicals and the Space of Socialist Literature
Gray, Kiiyha American University of Central Asia Feminist Literature in Central Asia: a digital humanities project
Grishin, Evgeny Independent Scholar From the Age of Correction to the Age of Schism: Religious Dissent and the Language of Exclusion in Early Modern Russia
Gur-Arie, Noa European University at St. Petersburg Beyond Petro-Islam: Islam in Soviet-Saudi and Russian-Saudi Relations, 1983-2001
Herbert, Alexander Brandeis University The Project to Protect Leningrad from Floods and the Emergence of Green Politics in the USSR
Hirsch, Francine University of Wisconsin - Madison Enemies, A Love Story: An Entangled History of Russia and America
Hofland, Olav European University Institute in Florence, Italy Catering for Communists: The Socialist Foodservice Industry in the USSR during the Khrushchev Thaw, 1953-1964
Holzman, MayaLisa Independent Scholar Violence and Ideology: The Soviet-German Clash in the Borderlands
Hristozov, Hristo "St. Kliment Ohridski" University of Sofia, Center for Regional Studies and Analyses Climate variability networks across the Ottoman Empire: food shortages and grain supply in the late 18th century Balkans
Ibroscheva, Elza Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Women on Top: Gender, Security, and Media Scrutiny in the Face of Global Crisis
Ivanov, Andrey University of Wisconsin - Platteville A War For Our Sins: Russian Orthodox Sermons During World War I 1914-1918
Jacobson, Alexander Princeton University Warring Works: The Russian Book of the 1960s and 1970s
Japaridze, Tinatin Columbia University The Tale of Three Stalins: The Triple Legacy of Georgian Koba, Tovarish’ Stalin and the Evil Dictator
Kain, Kevin University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Resurrection “New Jerusalem” Monastery in Reigns of Empresses Elizabeth I and Catherine II: Patronage, Power, Sacralization and Legitimacy
Kaminsky, David SUNY Binghamton Our Soul is Still in Russia: Russian Refugees in Interwar Yugoslavia
Kasimova, Zukhra University of Illinois at Chicago Uzbek, Karakalpak, and Soviet: Multinational in Form, Hybrid in Content, 1941–1981
Kazyulina, Regina Northeastern University Through Their Own Words: Soviet Women and Intelligence Work on German-Occupied Territory, 1941-1945
Kentros Klyszcz, Ivan University of Tartu How does conflict drive paradiplomacy? Examining the nature and scope of external activities of substate entities in the North Caucasus
Kirichenko, David University of Washington How the US and EU can leverage its soft power through investments to promote a secure and prosperous Ukraine
Korobkov, Andrei Middle Tennessee State University Governing Regional Migration Systems: A Comparative Perspective
Kotyleva, Anastasia Garage Museum of Contemporary Art “The Territory of Art” by Pontus Hulten: the exhibition as “pedagogical project”
Kraus, Nicole West Texas A&M Learning Citizenship in the Russian Federation and FSU
Kurtovic, Larisa University of Ottawa Socialist hydraulics: Anthropology of water infrastructures in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Laas, Nataliya Brandeis University Market Research Without a Market: Consumers, the State, and the Economy of Waste in the Soviet Union, 1947–1991
LaFavor, Lydia Auburn University The Sting of Stela's: Soviet and Non-Soviet Proliferation of Shoulder-Fired Air Defense Technology, 1969-1989
Leikin, Julia University of Exeter Russia's North Pacific Shores
Levkovitch, Lidia Rutgers University Contexts of Alcohol Use and Abuse in Late Soviet and Early Post-Soviet Periodicals
Liber, George University of Alabama at Birmingham DECOMMUNIZATION AND THE LEGACY OF COMMUNISM IN UKRAINE, 
Mandru, Anca University of Birmingham, UK The Liminality of Failing Democracy: East Central Europe and the Interwar Slump
Martin, Russell Westminster College Russia’s First Intellectual: Semen Shakhovskoi and the Orthodox Encounter with Modernity
Martiniuk, Jill University of South Florida Vasilisa Visits America: Contemporary Interpretations of Russian Folklore in Western Literature
Matthews, Austin University of Denver Change and Continuity in Authoritarian Institutional Elites
McCarthy, Lauren University of Massachusetts Amherst Citizen Oversight of the Legal System in Russia
McDaniel, Cadra Texas A&M University-Central Texas Images of Renewal or Decline in Late Tsarist Russia
McKenzie, Brent University of Guelph (1) A Conflict of Remembrance - Memorials, Heritage, and National Branding; (2) Music, Identity, and Propaganda: An Estonian Case Study; (3) Drink, Food, and Identity: A Baltic Perspective
Michaels, Paula Monash University Soviet Medical Diplomacy and the Global Cold War
Mickisch, Véronique New York University Anticipating Reform and Collapse? 
The Development of Soviet Economic Thought in the 1920s and 1930s
Milliman, Paul University of Arizona From the “Seacoast of Bohemia” to the Realm of Prester John: Medieval and Early Modern Perceptions of Eastern Europe
Nafziger, Steven Williams College Russian Serf Emancipation and Economic Change, 1858 - 1883
Novitskaya, Alexandra Stony Brook University More than Safety from Persecution: Russian-speaking LGBTQ Migrants in New York City
O'Neil, Catherine United States Naval Academy Contemporary Russophone Literature in Ukraine: Andrei Kurkov and Alexei Nikitin
Palmer, Isobel University of Birmingham, UK Poetry in Public: Performance
Pearce, Anthony MediaWell Russia’s Information Warfare: Information-Psychological Structures and Dynamics
Petricevic, Vanja Florida Gulf Coast University Reconceptualization of Military Heroism and Its Implications for Ethnic Solidarity in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phillips, Jamie Independent Scholar Human Material: Psyche, Brain, and the Science of Man in Revolutionary Russia
Pratsovyta, Nataliya Ukrainian Catholic University The Practice of Reading of Scripture in Kyivan Rus’ in the 10th - 13th Centuries
Ramet, Sabrina Norwegian University of Science and Technology East Central Europe since 1945:  Politics, Culture, and Society
Ramsay, Iona University of Exeter Martyrs and Memory: The Politics of Memorializing Anti-Communist Spiritual Resistance in Romania
Roche, Emily Brown University No Second Troy: Trauma and Ideology in the Recreation of Warsaw, 1918-1968
Sage, Steven United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Ethnic Chauvinism and Holocaust Denial in Bulgaria
Sahakyan, Naira University of Amsterdam/Yerevan State University Collapsed Empires, Sovietized Dreams: Armenian Intellectuals’ Perception of the 1917 Revolution and Their Vision of the Future of Armenia
Saipov, Zabikhulla University of World Economy and Diplomacy U.S. DIPLOMATIC AND STRATEGIC APPROACHES TOWARDS CENTRAL ASIA
Schenk, Caress Nazarbayev University Crisis, Risk, and Uncertainty in Modern Eurasian Governance. Managing the politics of fear and the politics of science in the era of COVID-19.
Sedziaka, Alesia Stetson University "I am Doing This for the Sake of Love": Citizen Mobilization for Fair Elections in Belarus
Severina, Yelena UCLA Tableaux Vivants in Russia: Ideology and Performance (tentative title)
Shevchenko, Olga Williams College The Visual Politics of the Immortal Regiment Movement in Russia
Shlyakhter, Andrey Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Ukraine, Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto Smuggling Across the Soviet Borders: Contraband Trades, Soviet Solutions, and the Shadow Economic Origins of the Interwar Iron Curtain, 1917-1932
Shuvalova, Iryna Independent Scholar Dissent OST: Music and Protest in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine
Simonyi, Sonja Independent Scholar Eastern Westerns: Cinematic Frontiers in Socialist Eastern Europe
Sipka, Danko Arizona State University From Society to Lexicography and Back: Slavic monolingual dictionaries as ideological maneuvers
Smith-Peter, Susan College of Staten Island/ City University of New York The Reception of Race in Russia: Contradictions of Russian Policies toward Mixed-Race Peoples, 1821-1867
Spector, Regine University of Massachusetts Amherst The Politics Lives of Dying Seas
Stevens, Thomas University of Pennsylvania Soldiers' Socialist Republic: Veterans and Rebels in the Early Soviet Union
Storm-Närvainen, Karli University of Eastern Finland Planning for Integration? Borderland Governance in Estonia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan
Strahilov, Ivo Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski National Pride: Cultural Heritage, Gender and Civil Rights in Bulgaria
Sviezhentsev, Maksym Independent Scholar In Search of the 'Other': Racial Politics in Soviet and Post-Soviet Crimea
Tsundu, Jenny Brown University How A Place Moves: Bratsk, 1922-93
Tutumlu, Assel Near East University From Rights to Entitlements: Reading Protests in Post-Nazarbayev’s Kazakhstan
Valeri, Marta State Linguistic University of Nizhny Novgorod Zoshchenko Abroad. From Contemporary Critics to Present Day
Vari, Alexandru Marywood University The Making of a World City: Cultural Transfers and Popular Entertainment in Budapest, c. 1860s-1930s
Vaysman, Margarita University of St Andrews Pioneering Women in Russia and Ukraine
Vergara, José Swarthmore College Bless You, Prison, for Having Been in My Life!: Contemporary Russian Carceral Narratives
Werth, Paul University of Nevada Las Vegas Russia’s Enclosure: A History of the Longest Border
Wistrand, Jennifer Georgetown University The Population Geography of Nagorno-Karabakh
Yin, Kenneth The City University of New York – LaGuardia Community College Making Literary History: The Emergence and Development of Soviet Dungan Literature
Zhao, Yang University of Queensland Even 40 Skills Are Not Enough for a Man: Changing Masculinities, Responsibilities, and Moral Landscapes in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Zhou, Luyang Zhejiang University Nationalism and Communism – Comparing the Bolshevik and the Chinese Revolutionaries