Postsocialism: Economy, Culture, and Power in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union

SOC 366
A Darwinian-esque political image, illustrating the political evolution of an East European country

What was state socialism and does it still affect what is happening in the former Soviet bloc? What does Russia’s attack on Ukraine have to do with the socialist past? What is it like to be a former party member in Germany? Why have Western feminists received with suspicion in the Czech Republic and what causes the newest gender backlash in the region? What happens to your working conditions when your old company in Poland is bought up by an American firm? How do people change as a consumers in Russia? What is the appeal of nationalism during state socialism and now? What did it mean to be a European before 1989 and what does it mean after EU accession? What does it mean to be a Jew in Hungary? What does it feel like to be a Bosnian woman refugee? Are you better off in Western capitalism if you are a Roma?

01:00PM - 01:50PM, MWF, 259 English Building

Instructor: Zsuzsa Gille

Image source: Instructor's photograph