Music and Revolution in Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus

MUS 418/518
a woman plays violin in a bomb shelter

This interdisciplinary course explores the implication of music in politics, nation-building, regime change, conflict, and resistance in twentieth- and twenty-first-century Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, with particular attention to the Maidan revolutions and current war in Ukraine. Course topics will survey the history, regional distribution, popularization, and contemporary social significance of vernacular musics and arts in diverse media and venues—from the fields to the festival stage to flashmobs to Facebook. Course materials will draw upon recordings, music videos, literary works, and films in addition to anthropological, area, and ethnomusicological studies. Whenever possible, students will engage first hand with representative instruments, vocal practices, and regional specialists. While the ability to hear, identify, and understand the significance of regional genres and their distinguishing features is a primary course objective, students from both within and outside the School of Music are encouraged to enroll; instructor expectations will be modified accordingly. Graduate students from outside Music who wish to register for MUS 518 should contact the instructor for permission.

Instructor: Donna Buchanan

TR 09:30-10:50, Location TBD

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