Seminar in REEE Studies

REES 495/550
Painting of a group of huts in a field

This course introduces students to important concepts and approaches of area studies research, interdisciplinarity, and theoretical frameworks in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (REEES). Interdisciplinary seminar involving faculty in a number of disciplines. The course examines the field of REEES and the methodologies of its study through questions of identities, cultural values, and change. Students in this class hear about scholarly research projects in process by University of Illinois faculty as they become stronger researchers in the field themselves, selecting one or more research questions to explore during the semester, with several choices for presenting findings. Final projects may involve a scholarly research paper and presentation, or students have liberty to be more creative, if desired. Students also become more acquainted with professionalization issues in the field of REEES, such as seeking and securing grants for research and travel, presenting at conferences, joining professional organizations, social and professional networking, the history of the field of REEES in the US, and issues associated with public education in libraries and other educational settings.

Instructor: Rachel Stauffer

W 03:00-04:50, 140 Henry Administration Building