The Russian Avant-Garde: Revolutionary Forms and Socialist Norms

ARTH 443 - Spring 2022
romberg Course Picture

What happens to art’s forms and institutions in a socialist society? What kind of patron is the working class, the public, or the state? Can art be revolutionary? If so, what does it look like, and where does it exert its power? In this course, we will look at the ways that artists strove to answer these questions in the decades surrounding the Russian Revolution of 1917. Examining formations across a broad range of media—including painting and sculpture, mass festivals and monuments, theater, design, architecture, photography, and cinema—we will attempt to understand how art was redefined in terms of collective creativity, common spaces, and shared things.

Instructor: Kristin Romberg


TR 9:30 - 10:50 am, 316 Art and Design Building