Old Church Slavonic

SLAV 505 - Spring 2021
SLAV 505

This class is designed to give you a foundation in the development of Russian from its genesis in Proto-Slavic up to the modern-day language. The focus of the developmental period will be the 9th to 11th centuries, though the course touches on aspects of Slavic grammar and stylistics that occurred after this time, most notably from the 11-17th centuries and through to modern-day Russian. This course seeks to empower you in your knowledge of modern Russian by giving you the tools to discover how and why Russian is the way it is today. We will practice going through the development of Russian by examining texts in Old Church Slavonic and Old Russian. In doing so, we will see what the older reflexes of the language can tell us about modern usages. In addition, we will address the literary and historical importance of various genres of literature written during this time period. 

Instructor: Laura Davies Brenier

TR 1:00-1:50 pm, online