Russia and Black America

RUSS 122 - Spring 2021
RUSS 122

A survey of the interactions between key African American figures and Russian culture, in a historical and socio-political context. The course explores the Russian-sourced cultural transfers that influenced the Black American experience; and examines its impact on people and events in the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and post-communist Russia. Who were the Black artists, activists, and adventurers who traveled there, and what did they find? Learn about the lives of three Black Americans: a New York bellhop who became a millionaire in pre-revolutionary Moscow; a Ford Motor Company worker who spent four decades in Soviet Russia as a captive of the regime; and a young female writer who witnessed the decline of Soviet communism. All materials are in English.

This course fulfills the General Education requirement for US Minority Cultures.

Instructor: Richard Tempest

MWF 3:00 - 3:50 pm, online