2022 Associates List

Name Institutional Affiliation Title of Research Project
Alexander-Greene, Jasmine Independent Scholar With Many Faces: Vladimir Putin as Literary Character
Allen, Barbara La Salle University

The NKVD’s Case Against the Workers’ Opposition in Ukraine During the Stalinist Terror, 1937-38


An, Mercy Johns Hopkins University Writing Manchuria Across Borders
Bagheri, Shakhrbanu University of Amsterdam Building a Better Tomorrow: Central Asian Social Scientists in Soviet and International Institutions, 1970-2018
Bagozzi, Valentina Sapienza University of Rome Intertextual links between The Women's Decameron by Yuliya Nikolaevna Voznesenskaya and Boccaccio's Decameron
Barris, Roann Radford University Reclaiming and Redefining American Exhibitions of Russian Art
Bishop, Elizabeth Texas State University Water Law in the USSR and the Diplomacy of Egypt’s New Border with the Sudan, 1955-1959
Blauvelt, Timothy Ilia State University/American Councils for International Education  
Brenberg, Thomas Indiana University Russian Foreign Policy Toward Afghanistan: The Kremlin’s Approach to Regional Security and the Return of the Taliban
Burgess, John Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Russian Orthodox Leaders and the War in Ukraine
Byington, Richard University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Comparative History of Arctic Indigenous Peoples' Interaction with Missionaries
Cavallaro, Albert University of Michigan, Ann Arbor From Tver to Tashkent: Exploring Citizenship and Nation in 19th Century Russian Museums
Ceballos, Lindsay Lafayette College Children of Gannibal: A Mixed-Race History of Russia’s Literary Golden Age (1820-80)
Clay, John Arizona State University Religious Crime in Russia, 1864-2022
Collopy, Erin Texas Tech University The Vampire in Russia
Dashevski, Liliya Yale University Materializing Russian Childhood
Oliveira, Cassio Portland State University Soviet Translations and Criticism of American Literature, 1920s-1960s
DeDominicis, Benedict Catholic University of Korea Historical Analogies and Current Strategies: Comparisons and Contrasts of Post-Communist Serbian and Russian Irredentism and Western Responses
Densford, Kathryn Chaminade College Preparatory School Beyond the Battlefield: The Collapse of Provincial Austria in the First World War
Durham, Geoffrey University of Pennsylvania The Standards of Evaluation: Weights, Measures, and Money in Imperial Russia
Eaton, Nicole Boston College Bodies of War: Forced Encampment, Disease, and Medical Knowledge in the Twentieth Century
Farley, Brigit Washington State University, Tri-Cities Translation/Annotation of Dr. Slavka Mihajlovich's Memoir, Oblaci nad gradom (Clouds Above the City), The Account of a Female Surgeon in Serbia During the Great War, 1914-18
Fleming, Bridget University of Rochester Embodying Self-Management and Nonalignment: The Visual Politics of Yugoslav Social Order in the Postwar Era
Fraunholtz, Peter Northeastern University Trying to See Like a State: The Uses and Abuses of Grain Registration in Penza Province, 1917-1919
Free, Anya UC Davis War and Terror in Leningrad: The case of the Museum of Defense of Leningrad in the Context of the Soviet War Museums Culture (1944-1953)
Galmarini-Kabala, Maria William & Mary Tactile Maps, Blind People, and the Circulation of Socialist Geographic Knowledge in Cold War Europe
Garey, Amy University of Chicago Forbidden But Possible: War, Comedy, and the Soviet Legacy
Gasper-Hulvat, Marie Kent State University at Stark Estranged Bodies at Work and Play: Semiotic Strategies of Ethnographic Diversity in Early Soviet Visual Culture
Goerne, Bradley Concordia University  Utopian Visions and Para-Cinematic Practices: Avant-Garde Film Cultures in Czechoslovakia, 1922-1938
Goff, Krista University of Miami Deportees and Settlers: Redefining Ethnically Cleansed Lands in the Soviet Union
Gomboeva, Anna University of Virginia Imagining the Friendship of the Peoples in Yakutia: Russocentric Concepts of the Indigenous in Socialist Realist Literature of Soviet Yakutia
Gorshkov, Boris Kennesaw State University The Dark Side of Early Soviet Childhood, 1917-1941: Children’ Tragedy
Grachev, Mikhail Independent Researcher Russia's Competitiveness: Environmental Challenges and Firm-level responses
Grunche-Tine, Irena University of Utah Grammatical Aspect/Verb Aspect in Macedonian
Hutchinson, Erin University of Colorado Boulder Soviet Nationalisms: Village Writers and Ethnic Nationalism in the USSR after Stalin
Ivliyeva, Irina Missouri University of Science and Technology A Corpus of All Potential Verbal Modification Forms of Sound Verbs and Their Lacunae. Compilation, Adjustment, and Visualization of Summary Tables.
Japaridze, Tinatin Columbia University Politics of the Church: The Georgian Orthodox Church and Its Impact on Georgia’s Political Culture and Path towards Democratization
Jeske, Luke University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Orthodox Pilgrimage and the Forging of Russian Identities, 1774-1914
Kapinos, Andrew University of Kansas The New Soviet Athlete in Europe: Masculinity in Soviet Club Soccer, 1964-1994
Kasianenko, Nataliia California State University, Fresno “We Are One People”: Identity Construction in the Occupied Donbas
Kefeli, Agnes Arizona State University In the Land of Giants: Eco-Mythology and Islam in Tatar Literary Imagination
Kellis, Mariana University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Mapping Jewish Settlements in Nineteenth Century Siberia
Kim, Yoonmin Yale University Dialogue in Form: Contemporary Russophone Poetry and Poetic Communities
Kriakin, Evgenii National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Educational Programs Department Ethnic Organizations in the USSR in the Era of Late Socialism: From Prison of Nations to National Revival
Lahana, Martha Independent Scholar A. S. Matveev, 1625-1682
Leigh, Michele CARLI Soviet Animation: Russian and Ukrainian Voices
Levina, Elizaveta University of Southern California Fictional Countries in Slavic Literature and Cinema
Little, Laura Connecticut College Stages of Creativity: Elena Shvarts in Russian Poetry and Leningrad Unofficial Culture
Melancon, Michael Auburn University Polyphonic Voices in the Russian Revolution
Miller, Melissa University of Illinois Urbana-Champign "The Amerikraine Dream": Female Rappers (En)Gendering Revolution in Ukraine
Miller, Thornton University of Houston Imagined Conceptions of the Other in Anglo-Soviet Musical Diplomacy, 1953–1991
Mjolsness, Lora UC Irvine Soviet Animation: Russian and Ukrainian Voices
Murphy, Amanda Nazarbayev University Minerva and Media: Manipulating the Catherine Myth on Screen
Mutc, Valeriia Yale University The Dramatic Turn: Anton Chekhov, Maksim Gorky, and Leo Tolstoy at the End of the 19th Century
Noi, Alexandra University of California, Santa Barbara Former Prisoners of the Gulag Labor Camps in the Soviet Science
Pate, Alice Kennesaw State University

The Intelligentsia and the Russian Revolution of 1917

Parker, Hannah University of Sussex Liberated from the Old Life: Letter-Writing, Identity, and the New Soviet Woman, 1924-1941
Paulauskiene, Ausra LCC International University Memory of Twentieth-century Totalitarianisms
Pryzgrodzki, Robert Western Governors University Russian Squares, Jewish Streets, Polish City: Warsaw’s Contested Space to 1926
Psarev, Andrei Holy Trinity Orthodox Theological Seminary Russian Church Abroad and Non-Orthodox Christians: Historical Revaluation
Qualin, Anthony Texas Tech University A Cultural and Literary Analysis of the Works of Vladimir Vysotsky

Richardson, Curtis

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Polina Zhemchuzhina: The Life of an Elite, Soviet-Jewish Woman and “The Crimean Affair and the Destruction of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee.”
Roberts, Tom Smith College Realist Transcendence: Dostoevsky, Leskov, and the Sites of Russian Religious Experience
Roberts, Flora Cardiff University Environmental History of the Syr Darya River Basin (1945-1991)
Robertson, Jake University of Oxford Captive Audiences: Professional Theater, Patronage, and Creative Culture in Stalin’s Gulag
Sabatos, Charles Yeditepe University Transatlantic Ethnicity: East Central European Immigrants and American Identity
Schweitzer, Ryan Oxus Society Homosexuality in Central Asia: Historical Perspectives from Babur to Alim Khan
Soderstrom, Mark Aurora University Enlightening the Land of Midnight: Peter Slovtsov, Ivan Kalashnikov, and the Saga of Russian Siberia
St. Julian-Varnon, Kimberly University of Pennsylvania Blackness in the Color Red: Race, Ethnicity, and Black Experience in the Soviet Union and German Democratic Republic, 1920-1989
Steinwedel, Charles Northeastern Illinois University Russia, Ukraine, and the Creation of a Soviet Sugar Industry, 1917-1922
Totadze, Davit Human Rights Research Center (HRRC) The Impact of European Integration on Political Clientelism: A Case Study of Visegrad Group.
Tsintsadze-Maass, Eteri Old Dominion University National Mobilization and the Security Strategies of Post-Soviet States
Tuttle Stukey, Meredith Purdue University The Romanovs on a World Stage: Autocracy, Democracy, and Crisis, 1896-1918
Umanets, Valeriia University of Wisconsin–Madison Political Participation of Women in Russia: From State Supported Feminism to Putin's Machismo
Voskresenskii, Fedor Lomonosov Moscow State University. The Judicial Branch in Political System of Modern Russia
Vuljevic, Suzana University of Michigan Modernism on the Margins: A Transnational Fellowship of Southeast Europe’s Women Intellectuals, 1923-1939
Weekes, A. Lorraine Supreme Court of the State of Hawai'i Cyborg Body Politic: Citizenship, Sovereignty, and the Nation in Global e-Estonia
Woodburn, Stephen Southwestern College  Late-Imperial Russian Conservative Opinion, K. K. Tolstoi and others
Zdun, Izabela McGill University Liudmila Petrushevskaia's Fairy Tales: Between Subversion and Tradition
Zohn, Yacov University of Wisconsin-Madison Homo Sovieticus Goes to Extra Time: Constructing the Soviet Image in Soccer